Incorrect 2017 Notice of Assessment?

Notices of Assessment need to be sent by Townships to homeowners by March 1.  PLEASE NOTE, if you believe that your taxable and/or assessed value is incorrect, you may protest to the Local Board of Review, but you have a VERY limited time in which to … [Read more...]

MI Uncapping Laws-Legislative Update January, 2017

The subject of property taxes on Michigan real estate, particularly vacation property, has received a great deal of attention lately.  Because of recent changes in the property tax system in Michigan, it is now possible to transfer ownership of … [Read more...]

Property Taxes in Michigan

One of the most significant expenses of owning and maintaining vacation property is property taxes.  Michigan has a somewhat complex and often confusing system of accessing taxes.  We have provided the most current information, which will explain how … [Read more...]


PUBLIC ACT 310 NOW EFFECTIVE! Public Act 310 of 2014 (HB 5552) was passed and signed by Governor Snyder in October, 2014. This new law created another exemption from the “uncapping” of property values for property tax purposes on transfers of … [Read more...]


Public Act (PA) 497 was passed and signed by Governor Snyder in December, 2012, and created an exemption from “uncapping” of property values for property tax purposes on transfers of ownership of residential property (including vacation property) if … [Read more...]


On December 16, 2013, the Michigan State Tax Commission issued Bulletin 23 which deals with transfers of ownership of real property and the impact on taxes assessed on transferred property.  The State Tax Commission is a 3 member agency appointed by … [Read more...]

Public Act 497 of 2012 – Transfer of Ownership Update on Real Property Taxes in Michigan

On December 28, 2012, Michigan Governor Richard Snyder signed new legislation which will have a significant impact on the way Michigan residential property (including vacation property) is assessed for property taxes [Public Act (“P.A.”) 497].  This … [Read more...]

State of MI LARA Notice

All of our clients who have formed a Michigan LLC should be aware that a non-governmental entity called "Corporate Records Service" is trying to collect a $125 fee to prepare corporate records.  The misleading solicitation implies that Michigan … [Read more...]

Eight Tips For Closing The Family Cottage

There is a nip in the air and a tint to the leaves.  Everyone is off for one last shindig before school starts and summer is officially over. On the “to-do” list along with back-to-school shopping and ramping up for the coming holidays, many … [Read more...]

Rebuilding our Website

It's been a wonderful summer at the cottage. The weather has been nearly perfect, skies have been blue and the breeze has been blowing. The same can not be said for our Cottage Law website. On or around August 4, 2013 a series of unforeseen events … [Read more...]