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We wrote the book on Cottage Law. Literally.

Stuart Hollander and David S. Fry explain why problems arise when a vacation home is passed on to the next generation and offer practical suggestions on how to address this problem.
The book covers how to incorporate succession planning for a vacation home into an estate plan and gives practical advice on such things as how to develop a cottage schedule, whether to establish an “endowment,” and how to allocate control between and within generations of owners. Learn more...

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One of the most significant expenses of owning and maintaining vacation property is property taxes.  Michigan has a somewhat complex and often confusing system of accessing taxes.  We have provided the most current information, which will explain how property taxes are computed on Michigan property, under the "Resources" tab on our website.  The property tax laws are changing frequently, so keep up with the latest information by checking out the information we … [Read More...]