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[Book] Saving the Family Cottage.

Stuart Hollander and David S. Fry, who is Of Counsel at Fraser Trebilcock, explain why problems arise when a vacation home is passed on to the next generation and offer practical suggestions on how to address this problem.
The book covers how to incorporate succession planning for a vacation home into an estate plan and gives practical advice on such things as how to develop a cottage schedule, whether to establish an “endowment,” and how to allocate control between and within generations of owners. Learn more

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Keep Your Michigan Cottage in the Family

“Hi, Mark. I’m now catching up from almost three weeks of travel, and I’ve finally gotten to your document package. Wow! That’s quite a product! Thanks for a job well done!” – T.G. … [Read More...]

The Ins and Outs of Cottage Succession Planning in Michigan (Part One)

This is part two of a two-part blog post series on cottage succession planning in Michigan. As summer winds down, the second-home market continues to heat up in Michigan. One of the issues many second-home owners face is determining the best way to … [Read More...]

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