Announcing the Succession of the Cottage Law Practice of David S. Fry

Attorney Mark E. Kellogg

Attorney Mark E. Kellogg

The Law Offices of David S. Fry, PLC and Fraser Trebilcock are pleased to announce that as of January 1, 2019, the Cottage Law practice of David S. Fry has been transferred to the law firm of Fraser Trebilcock with attorney Mark E. Kellogg of that firm as David’s designated successor.

Over the last several months, David and Mark have worked closely together to make the upcoming transition as smooth and seamless as possible. Mark will continue the Cottage Law practice with the same skill, dedication and knowledge that you have come to expect from the Law Offices of David S. Fry, PLC.

Fraser Trebilcock is a Lansing based law firm with additional offices in Detroit and Grand Rapids, and Mark and the firm welcome this opportunity to expand their succession planning practice in the specialized area of Cottage Law. David will assume the role of Of Counsel to Fraser Trebilcock as of January 1, 2019, for a period of time during the ongoing transition of David’s Cottage Law practice.


  1. Stephen M. Acerra, Jr., Esq. says

    Is your cottage law practice specific to Michigan law and administrative procedures? My mother passed away last year with a cottage on Cape Cod to be passed or partitioned to her 5 children, and at least 2 want to cash out, which leaves those who want to keep the property with 20% down payments on a mortgage finance transaction. We’re interested in having a 3rd party serve as an intermediary for valuation and usage rights (July and August are prime months, with June and September as prime shoulder season) to avoid any bad feelings among siblings. Is this something you’ve done for other clients?

  2. Judy Powers says

    I have a beach condo in Jacksonville FL and want to know how best to leave it to my successors (3 ) in my will. Three children are main successors but grandchildren are in the mix. I read your article in Bottomline issue 4/15/17 . You advertised “A Guide to Succesion Planning for Your Cottage…, etc. Is this still available? You brought up topics of Concern and interest that I’m interested in acting upon. If book is still available, I would like to purchase.

  3. Fred Sayre says

    Dear Mark. My wife and I live in Montana and have leased lakefront property from the State Department of Natural Resources{DNRC} for 20 + years. The State is now giving us the oppurtunity to buy it.We have 4 grown,married children and 17 grandchildren.To save potential problems etc. we felt it may be helpful to consult with you before we get too far down the road..below is my contact info. Thank you.

  4. Dennis Warren says

    Hi Mark,
    I have emailed David Fry in the past year or two with some questions about buying my mother in-laws cottage. Since he has retired I would like to know if we could set up a consultation on this matter. My wife and I along with my son and his wife will be purchasing the cottage. Could you please let me know when you are available and what the costs are for the consult. Thank you Dennis Warren

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